Curriculum Overview

At Bacchus Marsh College, our curriculum is designed so that students complete a broad range of subjects. This exposure ensures that students are well prepared for transitioning through school, study and beyond, as well as being able to make informed choices about their career pathways. The Victorian Curriculum provides the framework for the knowledge and skills that we teach, and our staff plan together in Professional Learning Teams to ensure that we have a Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.

Students in Year 7-8

At Years 7 and 8, the students are exposed to a selection of subjects in Arts and Technology over a two-year period, with most of these subjects being one semester in duration.

Students in Year 9

At Year 9, the students are given a choice about the electives that they wish to undertake, including offerings in Arts, Technology and Civics and Citizenship, with some emphasis on connecting with the community.

Students in Year 10

Our Year 10 course is designed to prepare students for a senior school pathway. English and Mathematics are compulsory, with students being placed in the Mathematics pathway that most caters to their future aspirations. The remainder of subjects are selected by students after undertaking course counselling, with some caveats and may include students accessing VCE and / or Vocational Education and Training (VET) studies.

Our lessons follow an Instructional Model, whereby students are engaged with a warm up, a visible Learning Intention and Success Criteria, explicit teaching which leads into independent and group work and the session is concluded with a reflection. Our teachers also utilise High Impact Teaching Strategies to ensure that they maximise their students’ learning growth. We have report cycles every six weeks (approximately) to enable parents/carers to monitor their child’s progress.