BMC Racing Team

Since 2005, Bacchus Marsh College has competed in the annual RACV Energy Breakthrough event which has led to the establishment of our “BMC Racing Team”. This program has provided opportunities for students, teachers, families and local industry to work together to design, construct and race a human-powered vehicle (HPV) in numerous events, including the 24-hour team event.
The program is unique in that all teams must compete across three areas of assessment: Design and Construction, Display and Presentation, and of course, the Race! The Energy Breakthrough is not just a once-a-year event. The BMC Racing Team works throughout the year to design, build and test machines within detailed specifications, and compete at up to four different racing events throughout the year.
Students are welcome to apply to join the team.

College Production

The College Production is a highlight of the school year, with students involved in every aspect of the event. Singing, performing, dancing, sound and lighting, stage direction, script writing, technical support – there is something available for almost everyone to get into.
Local Primary Schools love the opportunity to come and see what many of their former peers can do on stage, and always seem to enjoy the performance and overall experience. Likewise, our students benefit from the real life industry experience of creating and performing a live show, with all that it entails: managing nerves, learning lines, committing to practice, working as a team, meeting new people…the list goes on!

Sport Program

The Sport Program provides students with opportunities to represent the school in various sports such as Basketball and Netball, Aussie Rules Football and Soccer, Tennis and Table Tennis, Cricket, Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country Running and more!
There are also many in-school activities that pop up each week based on current Student and Teacher interest that students can attend, including fitness activities, futsal soccer, volleyball, badminton, chess and more!
Our Sport Program continues to evolve and expand, and is a highly valued part of the College program for both Students and Teachers.

Instrumental Music Program

Students are able to sign up for individual or small group instrumental music lessons and can choose from a range of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals, woodwind and brass. Opportunities to perform are frequent, and students in the Instrumental Music Program are often involved in the College Production, assemblies and other school and community events. In this way, students are provided with an opportunity to perform to a live audience and exhibit the skills they spend so much time rehearsing!

Chinese Language and Cultural Tour

Bacchus Marsh College has conducted regular tours to China. Usually based on a 10-day program, this tour provides staff and students with the opportunity to visit Beijing, Tianjin/Nanjing and Shanghai, including tourist attractions such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Dr Sun Yetsun’s Mausoleum, Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai Disneyland. Our College has been successful in establishing sister-school relationships with Nanjing Qinhuai Foreign Language School and Tianjin Beichen Experimental Language School and visits to our sister-schools are always a highlight!

Our Year 9 students also have the opportunity to be involved in the Victorian Young Leaders to China Program, usually a six-week residential program coordinated by DET. These wonderful experiential and culturally enriching programs cater for students with a genuine interest and involvement in our Chinese language program and for students willing to develop and enhance their leadership skills.

Please note that these programs are currently on hold pending further notice.

Other Opportunities

In addition to the above, BMC has a range of lunchtime activities on offer every day including games in the gym, sport training, board games, PS4 games, photography club and more. We also have a Public Speaking and Debating Club, with opportunities that extend beyond the College, and regular Staff-vs-Student competitions just for kicks. Active and happy people make the best learners, and so these activities are not just fun, but are of great importance to our school program.