ACE Program


The ACE (Accelerated Cluster Education) Program is an evidence-based cluster grouped acceleration strategy that ensures that gifted and high achieving students are able to access challenging curriculum within the supportive environment of a class of similar aged peers.
The ACE Program operates at Bacchus Marsh College from Year 7 and will be extended through to Year 9 within two areas of the curriculum: English and STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering). This provides students with the opportunity to accelerate through the curriculum at a faster rate than is typical, meaning that they will complete years 7 – 10 in some subject areas within three years rather than four. At the end of the three years, these students will then be able to access VCE studies as part of their Year 10 curriculum program.


In particular classes across a year level, clusters of highly able or gifted learners will be placed together. This ensures that these students will always have other students around them who are of a similar ability. The clusters of high achieving students will usually range in size from 6 to 8, depending upon the needs of individual students and classes.
These students will be withdrawn from all regular Maths and/or English classes, and be provided with an accelerated curriculum in STEM and/or English instead. ACE STEM classes will focus heavily on maths, with an applied focus on science, technology and engineering. For the remainder of their subjects, ACE students will remain with their regular class and be provided with work that meets their needs within a normal classroom setting.
In this way, students in the ACE Program are able to benefit from spending time with other highly able members of the program without having to sacrifice their relationships with other peers who are not in the program. These withdrawal sessions will also be used to monitor student progress and address any issues as they arise. ACE students will be taught by specially trained and experienced teachers who will monitor each student’s progress through an Individual Education Plan, and provide additional tutoring outside of class time as required.


For inclusion into the program, aspiring students entering Year 7 fill out an application form that is provided along with their enrolment pack. Students are then invited to sit for an assessment, scheduled during Term 3 at Bacchus Marsh College each year. The test is designed to determine each students’ current academic level, but also academic capacity across a range of areas, and will be used to determine student suitability for the ACE Program. There is a small administration fee for prospective applicants to the ACE Program.

For further information about the ACE Program please contact the school via the following options:
Phone: (03) 5367 2955
Address: 73 Grant St, Bacchus Marsh, 3340